Post Thanksgiving Blues: Khumbakarna

Khumbakarna was a demon prince from the island of Sri Lanka, and he was cursed.

I can relate to his curse today.

Khumbakarna’s curse was two fold – eating, and sleeping. Then more sleeping. Then even more sleeping, followed by more eating. Lots more eating. And then back to sleep.

Unfortunately for him, the Sanskrit word for the throne of the heavens, Indraasana (seat of Indra), is quite similar to Nidraasana (bed for sleeping). Likewise, the word for annihilating the demi-gods, Nirdevatvam, is also similar to Nidravatvam (endless sleep). When the big gods finally got around to listening to his request, his tongue slipped; he received the boundless gift of sleep, with intermittent bouts of ravenous eating in between (and that included any poor humans who might be trying to serve him).

Humans, be advised: we’re only half awake after turkey day, singing the Khumbakharna blues…


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