C.G. Jung and the Rhythm of the Heat

Myth Crafts

The high regard C.G. Jung’s contributions to psychotherapy once enjoyed have fared little better than those of his mentor and future nemesis, Sigmund Freud; many of their ideas on the nature of mind have not withstood psychology’s shift from grand philosophical theorizing to gathering hard, empirical, clinical data.

Yes, for the Skeptic, Freud and Jung are pseudo-science at best – in the case of Jung, however, the charges run deeper: Jung’s zeitgeist bordered on the Occult.

What skeptics deride as woo-woo.

In fact, Freud’s break with Jung was over the latter’s overt interest in the paranormal. Freud wanted Jung to swear allegiance to his psycho-sexual theory, lest psychotherapy be overtaken by “the black tide of mud of occultism’.

Which was the very thing Jung was exploring…

He advocated Spiritual Alchemy as a practical guide to self-discovery, a process which he referred to as Individuation.

Jung attended seances, and even mentioned…

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