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Hi All,

Let’s start by introducing ourselves somewhat… we are a husband and wife team that fell in love in grad school while pursing our passion for Myth. We are both currently working on our doctorates in Mythology so we spend our days immersed in our library. Here, in our labyrinth of tomes, we go digging through our books and journals exploring some of the most fabulous and fascinating material from all over the world. Our many varied personal interests include History, Folklore, Psychology, Art & Literature, Archaeology, Anthropology, Theology, as well as the strange and unexplained, so we spend a fair amount of time being side tracked pursuing all those as well…and then there is the Internet.

This blog is designed to bring you random snippets and summaries of the hundreds of pages we regularly devour, so you can get the highlight reels of the many interesting things we come across. Our purpose is not to judge, nor indoctrinate but rather to showcase the captivating world of story and myth that has existed across the space and time of human existence. We hope you will share and engage with us, and bring your own knowledge to the table in this spirit.

We want this blog to be a bundle of everything we love. We want it to educate and inspire. We want it to entertain and engage you. And most importantly, we want you to love it too.

Sincerely, the MythCrafts Team

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