Myths of the Moons: Hyperion (Saturn)

Hyperion’s children, his lineage, is impressive. It includes the sun, Helios, the moon, Selene, and the dawn, Eos, all conceived with his sister-consort Euryphaessa, also known as Theia.

His personal story remains mostly unknown; as a Titan, he helped his brother Cronus (Latin: Saturn) in the first war between the gods, attacking their parents, Uranus and Gaia (Sky and Earth, respectively). However, there is little information about his fate post the second great war, the Titanomachy.

We, helpless mortals, still witness his three children, the sun, the moon and the dawn: Helios, Selene and Eos. However, beyond that, we have very little to go on when it comes to Hyperion himself.

However, his celestial incarnation as a moon of Saturn is noteworthy.

For one thing, his orbit is completely off kilter.

The moon Hyperion, which is potato shaped, circles around Saturn at an angle. Mostly composed of ice, as most of Saturn’s satellites are, Hyperion glides through space silently, but at a strange bent.

Might he hold secrets?


But we’re not close enough to figure them out.

Not just yet.

Until next time, keep looking up 🙂

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