The Boggy Bottom Monster

Many regions across the globe have their own version of a Bigfoot creature, and in the Kiamichi Mountain region of Southeast Oklahoma the local version is known as the Boggy Bottom Monster. The tiny town of Honobia that lies nestled in these mountains is a hotbed of Bigfoot sightings, so much so that even Wikipedia has the creature listed as a notable resident of the town.

Every year the Honobia Bigfoot festival and conference takes place, where many Sasquatch lovers gather to tell tales of their own sightings and collected evidence in a place where sightings are deemed to occur almost daily. One of the most well-known legends in these parts is the Siege of Honobia, a tale of a family of deer hunters who were terrorized by the creatures in 2000. It was the middle of winter, so the family kept their freshly slaughtered carcasses outside in the snow. The carcasses disappeared over night, and the family cursed their rotten luck and assumed it was a wandering bear that had made off with their prize.

The next night while the family were tucked up in bed the creatures returned and finding no more frozen carcasses left for them to consume started trying to get at the family inside. They scratched at the windows and tried to open the doors in their attempts to get in. The family realized that these creatures were not bears; they stood over 8ft tall, called out to each other in a bird like language, and they possessed the manual dexterity to use doorknobs. Night after night the creatures returned, damaging the cabin in their attempts to get in. One night, the hunter took action. The wife and children were sent away while he and his friends waited on the porch with loaded guns for the creatures to arrive.

As a creature approached, one of the men fired his gun, hitting the creature in the head. The darkness was filled with the creature’s howls of pain as it sought refuge in the trees, screams that echoed throughout the night. In the morning the hunters followed the trails of blood into the woods where the bed of the creature was found, along with what witnesses concluded was evidence of attempts at first aid, although the creature itself was long gone. The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization was called in, and while they concluded the creature was probably a deer, others remain convinced that there is something mysterious lurking around Oklahoma.

One of those people is Jackie Marlow, a resident of Caney, Atoka County, Oklahoma, who was hospitalized with a panic attack after sighting the creature. She recalls a tall creature with extremely long legs that was covered in reddish brown hair that walked upright as a biped. Marlow said the creature remained in her sight for three full minutes before it snorted and ran back off into the woods. Whatever it was that was out there, it certainly gave her a fright.

Bear, deer, or Boggy Bottom Monster? No matter what, something strange is afoot in Oklahoma…even stranger than the curious case of Elmer McCurdy, not to mention another cryptid, the Iceman… (yes, he’s originally from Minnesota, on display in Austin, Texas, but once again, Monsters Move).

Deer hunter Rick Jacobs of Elk County, Pennsylvania took this image at the Allegheny National Forest in Northwest Pennsylvania – (courtesy Wikipedia). Not exactly Oklahoma, but no one has a great shot of the Boggy Bottom Monster… yet…


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