War of the Magicians: Si-Osiris and the Nubian Sorcerer, part III

As we saw in parts one and two, Si-Osiris, the young grandson of Pharaoh Ramesses II, was reading a sealed magic scroll delivered to the court by a mysterious wizard from Nubia.

The scroll told how 500 years earlier, an Egyptian Pharaoh was locked in battle with a Nubian King, only in this war, the generals were sorcerers.

Fighting for Pharaoh was the Kherheb, Egypt’s Chief Magician.

Leading Nubia was the Son of Tnahsit, whose magic had humiliated Pharaoh before the peoples of Africa.

And now, 500 years later, the scene was playing out again…


Si-Osiris’ father had famously stolen the Book of Thoth, the Grand Encyclopedia of all things hidden, obscured and forgotten.

Forbidden knowledge.

Setne was wise enough to return the book.

Invoking Thoth can bring awful power, and all of the terrible misfortunes that tend to follow.

This was true 500 years before Setne’s time as well.

So what the Khereb did next should be understood in context:

He was risking not just his life, but his eternal soul, should he upset the Ibis headed God.

However, he did what was best for Pharaoh, what was best for Egypt.

Against common sense, he slept in the Temple of Thoth, and invoked the God of Secret Things…


The next night, the Nubian liter bearers came to Pharaoh’s bedroom to abduct him; however, they were disoriented and feeble; as they tried to raise Pharaoh, they faded like ghosts, leaving Pharaoh unharmed.

Seeing his success, the Kherheb moved forward with his attack. He constructed his own magical liter bearers, who abducted the Nubian king, and brought him to Thebes to be publicly lashed.

This happened for three nights; each time the son of Tnahsit tried to fight back, but to no avail.

The Nubian king had no choice; he begged Pharaoh for forgiveness, and was spared.

However, as for the Son of Tnahsit, the wizard, there would be no mercy.

The Nubian king cursed him:

“In life and in death may you wander the earth until you bring vengeance upon Egypt, upon her Pharaoh and upon her magicians – and until you prove that there is a magic greater than the magic of the magicians of Khem.”‘


Si-Osiris finished his magical reading of the unbroken scroll.

“Is this not what is written, wizard?”

The Ethiopian turned to the Pharaoh and responded: “The boy speaks the truth. Mighty Ramesses II, lord of Egypt and overlord of Nubia, may I leave your court in peace?”

“So soon, Son of Tnahsit?” asked the youth. “After five hundred years, would you really quit that easily?”

Pharaoh understood.

“Kherheb of today, finish that which the Kherheb of five centuries ago began.”

“Black dog of the south, if you have magic to match against the magic of Egypt, show it now!”

The Ethiopian cackled manically: “White dog of the north!” he cried, “Seth will ensnare you as his own, and Apep the Devourer of Souls will soon be feasting upon the Ba of the Pharaoh of Egypt.”


Using his magic, the Nubian invoked a might serpent.

Si-Osiris transformed it into a small worm, and threw it out of the window.

The Nubian brought down a giant cloud of darkness, suffocating like the stench of burning corpses.

Si-Osiris gathered the darkness into a small ball, and like the worm, flung it out the window.

Finally, the Nubian projected a seething wall of fire towards the Pharaoh.

As the wave approached, Si-Osiris exhaled, as if blowing it a kiss.

The fire stopped in its tracks, and as quickly as it had approached…

It shot back at its sender…

Burning him to a pile of ash…


However, the celebration was bittersweet.

This young man wasn’t Si-Osiris; he was the reincarnated Kherheb, who had been reborn solely to defeat the Son of Tnashit.

His mission was over, and it was time to go home.

He bid his earthly foster parents goodbye, but told Setne one final secret before leaving, pointing to his mother.

Setne understood…


Nine months later, Pharaoh Ramesses II welcomed a grandson into the world.

The son of his chief advisor, Setne.

A healthy, vibrant, beautiful baby boy.

Pharaoh held the child in his arms and whispered::

“Precious one, little Si-Osiris,

May life, health, strength be to you.”


And so ends

And so begins again

The Life of Si-Osiris

And so ends

And so begins again

All of our earthly journeys

May life, health, strength be to you

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